Considerations while buying retractable awnings

Published: 10th August 2011
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Blocking the sun on a hot, summer day and for providing shelter during a rain shower, are best done with retractable awnings. A retractable awning allows you to choose whether you want more shade or more shine, and there are a couple of things to consider when buying one. If you are thinking about buying a retractable awning or roll up awning there are a number of items to consider before you make your purchase.

The nice thing about retractable awning is that they will help your home or businesses protect itself from the heat of the day or during a burst of rain. Be it the open terrace on your balcony or the roof top restaurant, retractable awnings has their own charm to let you be protected from both sun and rain, at the same time you enjoy the breeze outside. However the awning did have its flaws and was frustrating at times especially when the wind blows strong enough to make them crumble. So here are a couple items to consider before you make your next awning purchase.

Make sure to take into consideration what are the quality touches that make your retractable awning durable and strive against all odds. The best awnings don't always or automatically cost the most. You can sense if your awning is flimsy and unstable in the show room it definitely will be when you attach it to your business or home. Make sure to look after aircraft quality aluminium construction and good enamel paint finishing if possible, so that will last through the weather.

The most noticeable item in your retractable awning is the fabric. Most canvas fabrics are not 100 per cent waterproof so the coating on the fabric is in an important consideration before you buy you should always look for awning sunblock of at least 99 per cent of the ultraviolet rays. Make sure you do your homework before you make your purchase and do a brief online research about the retractable awnings. There a number of places to buy retractable awnings such as buying them online or garden show. Try to evaluate all of the options based on similar comparisons being made before you make your purchase.

When you make your purchase try to buy a retractable awning from a direct supplier or wholesaler. There are many suppliers and wholesalers that you don't see on Main Street that will provide you with the retractable or roll upon names you want at a discounted price. Also, ask them about installation and whether or not they could provide that with no additional cost. Whenever possible you don't want to install the awnings as it is tedious and troublesome.

Determine what the retractable awning will be covering up. If it will be used to protect a patio or wooden deck and the furniture placed on it, the awning will probably be in the extended position more often and needs to be hard and durable.

Finally, consider the worn tees and money back guarantees before you make your purchase of retractable awnings. Find out what the worn tees are on your awning and make sure you save your documentation to prove your purchase. You may not be thinking you will need that documentation now when your awning is brand-new, but you may after a wind storm or hailstorm destroys your investment. Of course it's also good to include your awning and your insurance plan so that your investment is covered.

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